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1.How long are shipping times?

Customer orders are and shipped within one to three days after order is processed. May take up to 4 weeks to arrive.

2. What's your return policy?

Before returning an item, please try reaching out to us first at with your concerns. If you're certain product did not fulfill your need, just tells us why and attach a few pictures, if product was defective and we will give you your money back upon reviewing pictures and request. The idea is simple - at fly gears we strive to be make your shopping experience more pleasant.

3. Can I cancel my order?

Orders can be cancelled, if you do not receive package within the specified time frame stated for each product. However, orders are sometimes processed and shipped before cancellation request is received. If you receive item before cancellation request is sent, we encourage you to keep the item or donate it to charity.

4. What happen if I receive the wrong item?

If your item is defective,the wrong size or the wrong color, no need to return it, just let us know by sending us pictures of the product to After reviewing it, we will let you know if we approve a refund.


5. Do you offer exchanges?

We do offer exchanges, just lets us know what the issue is with the first item and what item you're seeking to exchange it to. And 'voila' we will do an exchange





Our Delivery Guarantee

Because we pride our self on our excellent customer service. We promise to keep you abreast with a best to our knowledge delivery estimate

Customer Service Guarantee

We at Flygears believe progress is attained from learning and thus strive to learn as we grow. Hence we look forward to your continued feedback. Good bad, indifferent and all suggestions are welcome.

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